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1709 North Racine Street , Wisconsin 54911
Calumet County / Outagamie County / Northern Winnebago County
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We are new, tiny, and an all-volunteer organization. We are available to take calls from those seeking information about The Compression Garment Fund, or other Lymphedema related resources. We have access and connections to noted experts in Lymphedema care.

Eligibility Requirements

1. Health, Education & Welfare’s Compression Garment Fund is a fund of last resort. There is a simple application process, and the basic criteria are that the applicant has a demonstrated medical need for the compression garment; s/he can not afford their compression garment on their own; has inadequate or no coverage; and their healthcare providers do not provide financial assistance. The application guidelines and criteria are available from HEW by emailing or calling HEW.

2. Access to the information and links to free resources on HEW’s website is free to all.

How to Access Services

1. Health, Education & Welfare’s Compression Garment Fund – Wisconsin’s first and only financial aid program helping Lymphedema survivors obtain their medically necessary compression garments. Lymphedema is a disease of the immune system, usually secondary to cancer surgery and treatments. An estimated 10 million Americans suffer from Lymphedema, a life threatening disease – more than the combined total of Americans living with ALS, Alzheimer’s, AIDs, MS, Muscular Dystrophy, and Parkinson’s Disease. Since 2019, we have provided more than $3,000 worth of compression garments to people in need. We currently have over 200 donated, unused compression garments to distribute to Lymphedema patients in need. Did you know that Medicare provides no coverage; healthcare insurance provides little to no coverage, and healthcare systems and their foundations do not provide any financial aid for compression garments?

2. Our website contains up to date information and links to free resources regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19 for the general public and in particular, special information and resources for those whose lives are affected by Lymphedema.

Contact HEW via our website at or call (920) 993-9050.

Location of Service, Assistance or Employment

The entire State of Wisconsin, with focus on Calumet, Outagamie, and Winnebago Counties.