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2730 N. Roemer Road , WI 54911-8628
Outagamie County
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Service, Employment, or Assistance Being Offered

Valley Packaging Industries (VPI) currently offers emergency supplies and services during the COVID-19 pandemic through three of its programs.

Eligibility Requirements

For the mental health peer support service connections by phone, individuals must have a self-identified mental illness.

For the Community 2000 Emergency Relief Services and Supplies, individuals and/or families in need must reside in the rural Outagamie County area and have a gross monthly household income at or below 200% of the poverty level.

How to Access Services

1) In collaboration with Creative Converting’s disposable tableware donations, VPI provides paper plates and napkins to organizations in need through its 110 N. Kensington Drive, Appleton location. Email [email protected] or call in advance.
2) Mental health peer support weekly connections by phone are available to VPI OutReach Center members and individuals needing mental health peer support services. Email [email protected] with contact information.
3) VPI’s Community 2000 Emergency Relief Services Program, with United Way’s support, provides emergency food, personal care, diaper, apparel, cleaning, and household supplies and services to eligible individuals and/or families in emergent need. The food and supply pantry is located on St. John the Baptist Catholic Church campus in Seymour, WI. Email [email protected] or call in advance for appointment.

Location of Service, Assistance or Employment

1) Valley Packaging Industries, 110 N. Kensington Drive, Appleton, WI
2) Valley Packaging Industries OutReach Center in Appleton, WI by phone
3) Community 2000 Emergency Relief Services Program – St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Campus, Seymour, WI