During the COVID-19 public health emergency, organizations providing critical community services need volunteers.

Examples of current needs include:

  • Delivering or packing food
  • Calling isolated older adults
  • Assisting with child care

The organizations are adapting their processes to follow through on our common goal of social distancing and prioritize the health of volunteers, staff, and clients.

Volunteer Fox Cities serves as a hub for collecting volunteer opportunities and connecting volunteers to fill those needs. Search the list of volunteer opportunities, then contact the organization directly to determine if volunteers are still needed and arrange details.

Volunteering during COVID-19:

If you are sick, please stay home. Volunteers and organizations must adhere to the most current government restrictions and Centers for Disease Control guidance.


For COVID-19 related volunteer opportunities, visit this link to find out how you can help give back to your community during this time of need. Volunteer Wisconsin has created this resource for anyone interested in volunteering for an organization that has specific opportunities dedicated to COVID-19 response.


Guidelines for volunteering at sites:

  • Check with the nonprofit to see what their procedures are for volunteering.
  • Volunteers who arrive at a site should wear face masks to avoid possibly exposing the community members at the site.
  • Those volunteers who are showing signs of physical illness should not volunteer.
  • Those who were recently in contact with people showing signs of illness should not volunteer.
  • Volunteers should know the exact roles and responsibilities expected by the site and the health and safety policies of the site. Read the volunteer need description clearly to understand your specific tasks.

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Make & Donate Face Masks

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